Table of Contents
About the Author 3-4
Dedication Page 5
Introduction 6-7
Prelude – “Oh my God” 8-10
Chapter 1 Finding Faith 11-23
Chapter 2 More Than My Eyes Could See 24-47
Chapter 3 Filling The Void 48-60
Chapter 4 Lifetime Cleaning 61-77
Chapter 5 Preserving Your Temple 78-107
Chapter 6 Let It Shine 108-128
Chapter 7 Reflection Questions 129-141
Bret’s Favorite Words 142
Acknowledgements 143

Book Summary
First, the book will discuss the importance of recognizing your foundation. We all have come from a family and all families are unique. The role you play in your family will play a role in your position in life. Take a look back at the family you came from. On this journey you will encounter many relational issues you may face and how to learn best from them.
Second, you come to appreciate the value of the word love and recognize the blessings of good decisions made today for your future spouse. As it comes to relating to others, you will establish how close you will want to be to them. Love occurs on many levels and you will need to know how to define love with those around you.
Third, you will take a necessary glance at the power of sex. This is the opportunity to explore the feelings you have about sex and identify the value it plays in your life. It takes a gentle but appropriate look at how sex can be a beautiful gift in a solid relationship. As you grow in your love for others you will be on the road to fulfillment.

Chapter 1
This chapter begins with the complications that Bret faced early in life. Struggling through a confusing divorce, he was forced into a situation that took on new meaning. Being raised in a single parent household, Bret had periods of loneliness and was compelled to start the journey of establishing individualism at a young age.

The chapter goes on to describe the lack of depth in the relationships within his family and Bret’s efforts to take the good from what he learned and begin to lay the foundation for what he holds to be so important in life, such as love and strong relationships.

The chapter concludes by giving examples of the passion Bret has to get the most out of his life, especially from his basketball skills. It briefly introduces the concept of the spiritual realm that takes on a deeper and larger part of the significance of Bret’s development that is drawn out throughout the book.

Chapter 2
This chapter is a powerful message on making the proper choices. Until we die we all face temptations of doing wrong. The way to find the true answers lies within our own hearts and bodies. We must listen to our bodies and understand what affects it in a negative way and what enhances it. Without our health we cannot reach our goals in life.

The chapter goes on revealing how Bret has decided not to do drugs, smoke, drink alcohol, fight, swear, or even decorate his body. “If it doesn’t help you, avoid it” is his motto. Bret shares how substance abuse became very clear to avoid when he lost his best friend in a car accident.

The chapter concludes by expressing how even our changing language can have an affect on others. Society is examined to show how one’s decisions may be made, by living up to expectations of others. Bret speaks about the necessity of surrounding yourself with positive people and experiences while being careful to extend your boundaries and knowing and accepting your limitations.

Chapter 5
This chapter takes a gentle look at love, relationships, and sex. This chapter takes a refreshing and appropriate but understandble approach to finding true love, defining the importance of courtship, and understanding the the power of sex.
The chapter continues by sharing Bret’s journey to find his soul mate. The chapter defines the many stages of love and discusses the blessings of good decisions made today for your future spouse. The importance of open communication, sharing and expressing emotions in any relationship is given, while unique and visual analogies are used for emphasis. The chapter concludes by portraying the beautiful gift sex can be in a solid relationship.

Chapter 6
This book concludes by bringing the reader back to the beginning to the roots of their personal journey. As the book makes a complete cycle so does the chapter by discussing the various stages of an individual’s concentration as they go through life. As a baby needs others to grow in the world to establishing an identity on its own as it gets older, to the obligation to give back to society to help those around them the chapter is full of powerful and useful insights.

The chapter continues by sharing Bret’s future plans and aspirations and thanks the readers for taking an active role in their development by reading the book and applying its messages to create a life fulfilled. The book concludes by calling the readers to a challenge to make an immediate difference in their lives.