I plan on reading at least one of your books in the near future because I believe it will be of much help.”

9th Grader

A Journey to Fulfillment: FAITH

You recognize you had no control of being brought into this world. Do you wonder what is the meaning of your life? You may have heard about this power greater than yourself. You’ve thought about all the reasons not to believe. You just may be passing up the key element to your fulfillment.
How long will you wait to believe?

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A Journey to Fulfillment: HOPE

You want to be a professional athlete, dancer, musician? Do you have what it takes to make it BIG? Maybe you don’t even have a direction yet. On the road to success you will face obstacles. You will experience great triumphs. Your journey will reveal your true character and uncover your reason for existence. Learn more about your strengths, hidden purpose, and let nothing stand in your way.
Are you on the path to greatness?

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A Journey to Fulfillment: LOVE

You want friends, lots of them. You want love. Who doesn’t? You talk about the opposite sex and wonder if they are talking about you. Gossip surrounds you but you want the truth. You want direction. You want answers to growing closer to others.
Are you ready to prepare yourself for a meaningful relationship?

In this book LOVE, you will see how relationships are a vital part of life. As you grow to love yourself you will recognize the love within others. We are created to love. There exists a complex tension when love is not recognized in the same manner within our relationships. This book will share three important themes: becoming familiar with your foundation, appreciation of the word love, and a delicate look at the power of sex.

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Bret B. Nichols is a nationally and internationally recognized individual driven to bring out the growth of others. A professional athlete, respected motivational speaker, and successful entrepreneur, he has touched the lives of very different people all over the world.

Having played professional basketball, Nichols knows the drive everyone has to be competitive, to get ahead, and to achieve success on their way to being the best. Having been player/coach of the New York Nationals, who play against the world famous Harlem Globetrotters, has given Nichols the experience of being at the top of professional basketball in a very unique way. This has enabled him to give a different perspective on the misunderstood role sports can play in a world that is so attracted to these media-exploded stars. Playing for over three years within an organization whose members are ambassadors of good will has given Nichols a worldly experience, appearing in all but four states within the United States and well over ten different countries internationally.

Struggling to chase the end of his rainbow, as a partly Irishman Nichols tried his luck to play for a team in Dublin, Ireland, as well as a team in Nottingham, England. These foreign experiences have given Nichols yet another tool to be able to cultivate professional surroundings in two different countries and reach out to others with various backgrounds.

Launching his new business, You Gotta Believe., has provided motivational presentations, basketball camps at several locations throughout Connecticut, and Family Fun Basketball Games, which has been implemented in school systems using basketball as a means of delivering inspirational messages in unique ways to benefit the entire community.

As a motivational speaker, Nichols uses his experiences to reach out to a wide range of audiences. Nichols has enjoyed giving interactive presentations within the Red Cross, Park and Recreation departments, scouts, basketball camps, church groups, Youth Services, DARE programs, schools, and many more. Individuals leave speaking presentations inspired, knowing they are special creations, motivated to make the right choices to develop, and challenged to look further within to find what truly is the meaning of their own lives.

Nichols graduated with honors from Western Connecticut State University in 1996, receiving his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and with a Masters degree in School Counseling. Nichols, now a school counselor at Newtown High School, uses his expertise by affecting one life at a time.


  1. In the hands of a higher source
  2. Has unique and interesting experiences
  3. Inspiration is exactly what people need today
  4. Many would like to know what the Legendary Travelers are all about
  5. Very easy to read and visualize and apply
  6. Challenges readers to think at deeper levels
  7. Answers to human nature questions that we all have
  8. Hundreds of inspirational quotes
  9. You will look at yourself as you never have before
  10. You will believe.