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I work at a school in Newtown, which as I am sure you are aware, suffered a great tragedy recently. The world has been offering their love and support for our grieving community. Everyone, it seems, feels called to do something as a result of this tragedy.

It is my hope to have this website be a place where people can come and lift one another up.
Please take a moment to reflect on your own journey. How can you in your own special and unique way commit to something no matter how big or small to make our world a better place?

How would you complete this statement?

For you (people of Newtown who lost their lives) I will…

What you need to do:

  1. Hold up a sign with only your first name, town and state you are from
  2. Videotape yourself by filling in this blank “For You I Will…” – Only 5 seconds
    Please be as specific as you can. What you say may inspire someone.
  3. Fill out form and send in

If you don’t see your video up within 3 days, please email me [email protected]