Table of Contents
About the Author 3-4
Dedication Page 5
Introduction 6-7
Prelude – “Oh my God” 8-10
Chapter 1 Finding Faith 11-23
Chapter 2 More Than My Eyes Could See 24-47
Chapter 3 Filling The Void 48-60
Chapter 4 Lifetime Cleaning 61-77
Chapter 5 Preserving Your Temple 78-107
Chapter 6 Let It Shine 108-128
Chapter 7 Reflection Questions 129-141
Bret’s Favorite Words 142
Acknowledgements 143

Book Summary
First is recognizing your gifts. We all have been blessed with certain talents, gifts or passions that make us unique. Some love music or art, while others enjoy technology or sports. Bobby “Shooter” McGively’s passion is basketball. What separates you from the rest and how will you find your path to fulfillment?

Second is utilizing your talents as ways to overcome obstacles. Along your journey to accomplishing your goals you will learn other very important lessons in life. These may be lessons you were not planning on learning. Through all life’s obstacles we need a healthy outlet, a way to express ourselves. Some of life’s most fulfilling moments come from escaping adversity and putting focus into developing healthy outlets.

Third is striving to fulfill your dreams. Through hard work, perseverance and never giving up hope you can achieve your dreams. Success starts with a vision. It is an incredible sensation to fulfill your hopes.

In this fictional book HOPE, you will see how dreams can become reality. All journeys to fulfillment begin with hope. You must believe. All great things start with a vision. This is Bobby “Shooter” McGively’s unique journey to the professional basketball level. Children, no matter how big or small, all dream to grow up and become something special. It was Shooters dream to get paid to play the sport he loved. Hewas able to achieve these things but found there is much more to life than what one may dream as a child. This book will share three important themes: recognizing your gifts, utilizing your gifts to overcome obstacles, and striving to fulfill your dreams.

This chapter begins with the choices that eighth graders shouldn’t have to make. Following his passion to be the best basketball player he could, Bobby “Shooter” McGively chose to leave the familiar environment of his friends and town which he lived, to attend a Catholic school that was rich in tradition and basketball development. This gave Shooter more than he expected as he drew strength and a new perspective of life from the paper routes he worked to pay for his own tuition. This helped him realize peace and the significance of quiet time being up early in the morning to understand his place in this world.
The chapter continues by depicting Shooter living up to his expectations of attending a school for basketball development, as his team went on to win the state championship, thus understanding the concept of unity and sharing to reach a common goal. His high school coach is portrayed as a key role model, who brings the ingredient of focusing on what is important, which is necessary in a young adult’s life while establishing identity.

The chapter concludes by detailing the emotions of the blessings and difficulties Shooter had gone through when his high school was closed and he had to move on to a new environment. It discusses the principles of discipline, formality and unity and issues of church and money. The chapter ends with the concept of trust understood as Shooter went through many surgeries to heal basketball injuries to bring him even closer to knowing how fragile life is. It ends on a positive note where the opening “Oh my God” story becomes reality in high school.

Chapter 3
Going to college to continue his passion for basketball, Shooter faced a new perspective on what he thought defined his self-worth as he faced an unfamiliar environment with many different personalities. Standing strong for his beliefs, Shooter began to understand the meaning of loyalty and leadership. The necessity of being captain of the team was brought about to uncover a deeper message of the use of labels and use of positions in society. Considering quitting the game that had meant so much, basketball was becoming overlooked as new activities began to play significant roles in the development of the understanding that there is more to life than basketball.
The chapter continues to share how time management, stress and gaining identity through failures as well as successes confirm that there are advantages and disadvantages of trying to be the best at everything as the plate was beginning to pile up. Gaining confidence by overcoming nerves of interviewing for jobs that Shooter didn’t even want, assisted in gaining further responsibility. Throughout the chapter many analogies are provided for the readers to visualize themselves adapting to situations to find their place in this world.

The chapter concludes by showing how unexpected occurrences, like Shooter is fired from a job, can close one door but open many others. Adapting to many obstacles that college provided blessed Shooter with a greater awareness of the bigger picture. Shooter seemed to be achieving anything and everything that college had to offer but felt as if there was an unknown factor that was waiting to be fulfilled.

Chapter 4
This chapter begins by taking the readers on a lifetime cleaning of their own “messy closet” and does an inner search of your soul to find out how to create a pure heart to include all necessary items that will promote a healthy lifestyle. Shooter discusses his secret to success in five ways found with the acronym of H.A.P.P.Y.
There are many analogies to visualize the essence of finding all the answers that lie within as well as drawing out the qualities of being motivated, determined and persistent to follow your dreams. The chapter brings about the power to stand against a society that tries to lead you away from where you should be by believing and being confident in yourself.

The chapter concludes by coming to an end of a college career where the future is seen with apprehensive excitement. The desire to follow the dream of being a professional basketball player is being pursued and takes an inside look on what one will need to make it to the professional ranks as Shooter accepts a contract to play for a team in Dalmar, Sweden.

Chapter 5
This chapter begins with a big nervous smile while packing up to follow the dream of living the life of a professional basketball player. The chapter talks about leaving the shores of familiarity and the comfort zone to explore the territory of the unknown.

Enjoying the newfound fame was dramatically turned to depression as Shooter was released from the team after one game. Thinking life was over, after a long lonely night Shooter found peace as he made his way into a church. Shooter understood the intensity of a greater power in his life as he could no longer find direction with the goals he made for himself. The chapter goes on to explain the lengths Shooter took to get part time jobs and suffer another lost opportunity where he played for a different team and lived up to the expectations that were sought of him just to be turned down again.

The chapter concludes by showing how Shooter drew strength from these negative experiences and kept on pursuing his dream as a contact was made in Sweden. Prepared to showcase his ability to whoever would look at him finally received offers to play in another country and accepted an opportunity to play for the Dalmar Clockstoppers in Dalmar, Sweden.

Chapter 6
This chapter starts with open arms as his new manager welcomes Shooter off the train to his “new home” as the manager claims. Awkwardly comfortable but not naïve, Shooter embarks on his new journey for the same dream to play professional basketball. During this pilgrimage Shooter is welcomed by a bomb threat that puts a damper on the positive outlook of his new voyage. Settling in, Shooter is treated as a king and becomes a household name.

Using this podium to share with others Shooter also becomes business savvy and enjoys the best days of his life. Shooter benefits by assimilating to many cultures to be able to accept others who are quite different than he is. The foreshadowing of many off-the-court incidents with car problems lead to a near death experience on one of many foggy nights in Germany.

The chapter concludes with a recurring theme as Shooter led the Swishers to one of the best seasons the city can remember to only learn once again that he has been released. Shooter turns to a flip of a coin to make his decision to accept a contract to play against the winningest team in all of sports history, the world famous Legendary Travelers.

Chapter 7
The chapter begins by speaking of the many benefits and unknown disadvantages of playing against the Legendary Travelers. A behind the scenes look at a famous organization reveals that there was a lot more than meets the eye. Playing around the globe was seen as an opportunity to shine light to thousands of people each night. Even though playing against the odds, it took a special person to survive on the road as the team became a family and individuals were up against many pressures on and off the court to survive.

The chapter continues by understanding that everyone has a different Traveler memory but all have the same common questions. Shooter shares answers to many questions and discusses the average day of a City Baller as a celebrity who holds the short end of every stick. The chapter concludes as Shooter works his way up to accomplish all he can within the organization to again be released for taking his team to a theme park.

The experience gained and strength to overcome obstacles has given Shooter a unique perspective to accomplish more than just his goal to be a professional basketball player. The keys to beating the Travelers are shared, as is the new lessons learned as a Shooting Star.